Most popular sport climbing area around Inverness. Very short access. Well climbed, but some of the routes in the shadows are covered in moss.

South facing conglomerate crag that has come of age with plenty of great sport routes. Now more open due to recent felling and is a sun trap throughout the year. -UKC-

This is definitely the best area to go for sports when in Inverness. It takes only about 25 minutes to drive from the city and gives everyone ample options. Difficulties vary from 4c up to 7b+. The crag is south facing with overhanging bits so typical Scottish weather is not that much of a problem. Every day the weather is slightly promising you can find some climbers enjoying this unique place. The views even from the belaying spot are very much worth it.

Better take helmets. Even though these are sports routes, the conglomerate can break and you don't want to knock your belayer unconscious.

Before climbing take a look at notes on UKC about the possibility of birds nesting and avoid those few routes.

Make sure to not park in front of the gate and not on the road which is extremely busy. It's not hard to spot the places where people usually park at the verge. It's a little bit of a jump, but most cars should be able to do it.

Moy Rock (Dingwall)